Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doodlecharms Cartridge Challenge

Cynthia over at the cricut forum started this challenge. Only one cartridge can be used for the cuts, with the exception of fonts. So she started with Doodlecharms, which I just recieved fro Christmas this year and really haven't played with the cartridge all that much. Well I had a lot of fun making these cards. It's a great challenge you should hop on over to the challenge forum under general chit chat.

I welded two shadow baskets together in Design Studio and then glued the sides, so the insert can slide into the basket.

I used UTEE on the dragonfly, so it really looks like a plastic charm. (I didn't even realize Doodlecharms had that envelope on it.

I did the same thing to this basket as I did the first.


  1. These are super cute, very creative and very detailed. I really only wished maybe size of cuts would be mentioned for the cards. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you could post the link for the cricut forum as mention, or is that the same as the cricut community chat. have a good day

  2. Adorable cards.. I love your baskets with the pull out cards....very cute!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Great cards! I love that little dragonfly charm. Thanks for the UTEE information, too. I appreciate it. I'm going to have to hunt for it.