Monday, March 21, 2011

My first card with MTC Software

I'm very excited, I bought the Make the Cut software last week and I love it. I've been playing all week learning some of the things you can do with it. Though I love my cricut, I have been looking at other machines, I don't like the idea of investing so much and then being stuck with just a cartridge base machine. When I bought my cricut there were other options out there, Make the Cut and SCAL software and now with the recent settlement in which Make the Cut won't work with the cricut no more, I have to look at other alternatives. Well anyway here is my first card, I got this bunny from the MTC website and used the patchwork technique on it. Oh and I'm still using scraps!!


  1. I love your patchwork projects! I watched the video and I am going to give it a try later today or tomorrow. Thanks for sharing :)

    I left a blog award for you..hop over and pick it up when you get a chance


  2. Bridget, this card is amazing! I agree with Jessica I love your patchwork too!