Sunday, December 18, 2011

My thoughts on the KNK Zing so far

I've been busy making projects and really getting to know my new Zing. For the most part I love this machine, though there has been some problems with it.  For me the machine is very easy to operate, I love the the whole setup of it, my problem is the blades or the blade holder, not sure yet which it is.  KNK did discontinue the regular standard blades and replace them with a detail standard one with a different offset.  I only used the standard blade in the beginning, I couldn't get a good cut from it so I switched to the deep cut blade which was better but still very inconsistent. My cuts would come out fine and then all of a sudden with the same settings on the same paper, the cut won't join correctly or some of the cuts on the paper would be excellent and then half not, I have ruined a couple of nice projects because of this and it's very frustrating. So I'm kind of thinking it's my blade holder, but I sent back my two standard blades to get the replacement ones from KNK, I'll test these and see if my cuts are better, if not I'll look to have the blade holder replaced.  I did order the Eclips blade holder and that works wonderful in the zing, I'm getting awesome cuts with that, so at least I can use the machine.

 Here are a couple more projects I made with the Zing.

This is a card I made for my son's birthday, I used a mixture of glue and shaving cream to get the ale foam, really comes out great.  One of the features I totally love about the Zing is the draw and cut, I used it to write the Happy Birthday Kevin and then cut it out.

The print n cut is great too, after you calibrate it the laser is very easy to use and I'm very happy with some of the pnc I have done.  I printed out the toy soldier and then cut it out on the zing.

 A pretty little Angel, I used the eclips blade holder on this one.

Here it is with a battery tealight inside.


  1. Everything looks great especially the print & cut.

  2. Everything looks great especially the print & cut.

  3. I love your card, it looks great! All your projects are so adorable! The Zing must be a great machine although I've never heard of it before.

    Hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful and blessed holiday!


  4. Your creations are beautiful! I especially love the angel with the light in it :O)