Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bunny Cabbage Basket

When I first saw the tulip basket from SVGCuts Egg Hunt kit I thought it would look so cute as a cabbage with a bunny popping out.  I remembered the Veggie Garden Collection 2 had a radicchio leaf which looks just like a cabbage, I love both those collections, they always have something you need in them.  The bunny is from the April Avenue collection, you can use anyone but that one popping out of the bucket is just perfect peeking over the cabbage leaf.

I cut the basket the same size as in the kit, but I didn't use the tulip petals.  Six cabbage leaves are used, first three went on every other panel,  then the next three over lapping.  Next time I make one I may make the inside three a little thinner, though if you really form the leaves before you glue them on it looks just like a cabbage.  To get the sizing I placed both leaf pieces together grouped and then sized to about 3.9w x 4.2 h.  I rolled the edges of the paper to shape it, on the outer three I used those big zot 3d glue dots, this helps not to flatten them over the other leaves.  The bucket bunny I sized the pieces about 5.5h and used a Peachy Keen Face Stamp.

It was a very quick project to make, definitely adorable for Easter!

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  1. WOW! I think SVG cuts should sell this as a kit! This is too cute-