Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy Festival Of Sleep Day! - My Creative Time Weird Holiday

Hello, Happy New Year and Happy Festival of Sleep Day!
I had no idea about these weird holidays until Ruthie said something about them.
I think this is such a fun and different idea to use as one of our themes.

Since it's the Festival of Sleep I decided to use an owl from the Mini Lolly Add-Ons set.  The sweet dreams is pieced together from the You Make Life Sweet and the Believe In Your Dreams sets.


  1. OMG Miss Brigit....Love your card and the Holiday is Hillarious...you so found the perfect stamp to accentuate the fact!!
    LOL...Love...Luv....Lub!!! Your card is so stinkin' ca-ute and will so make the day of the lucky person who gets it.
    Definitely an outstanding Creative job!
    OH I'm so LOLing as I type away.
    YOU so ROCK!!

  2. This is so darn cute!!! I just love it!

  3. Sweet card for the festival of sleep holiday! He is making me sleepy looking at him. It must be like looking at the poppies in the Wizard of Oz movie hehe suggestive.

  4. I have not heard of this holiday...you sure did a sweet job of making a great card for it...love the z's! Very clever idea.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  5. Happy Festival of Sleep Day! Embracing this delightful celebration is like giving ourselves the gift of rejuvenation. In a world buzzing with activity, taking a moment to honor the importance of rest is truly uplifting. Today, let's prioritize self-care, indulge in peaceful slumber, and wake up refreshed, ready to conquer the day with a renewed spirit. Sweet dreams and a happy Festival of Sleep Day to all!

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