Saturday, December 2, 2023

Reindeer Joy Christmas Card

This card was totally inspired by Unity Stamps Winter Cheer and Deer stamp set. I love the set and was going to pick it up but I have so many sets I haven't even used yet that I couldn't justify buying more at this time so I created this deer from one I had from the Silhouette Design Store. Just a little stretching, shape adding and point editing and this is the outcome, very happy with it.


  1. I’m absolutely captivated by your Reindeer Joy Christmas Card! Your creativity in repurposing the deer from the Silhouette Design Store is inspiring. It reminds me of how a Personal Statement Writing Service can transform simple words into a compelling narrative. Your card is a testament to the beauty that can be created when we stretch our resources and skills. Well done!

  2. What a stunning card! It's incredible to see how you've transformed a design from the Silhouette Design Store into a beautiful deer that perfectly captures the essence of Unity Stamps' Winter Cheer and Deer stamp set. Your creativity and resourcefulness shine through in this creation, and it's inspiring to see how you've made the most of what you already have. The end result is truly delightful – thanks for sharing your process and spreading some winter cheer! "Trust best truck repair for precision, reliability, and unmatched expertise.